10 Amazing Day Hikes Near Vancouver, British Columbia

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With the warm days of summer just around the corner, this is the perfect time of year to start planning some day hikes in the Coast Mountains. I make an effort to get out and do a solid hike every week throughout the year. Even in the winter, some of the hikes mentioned below can be done with good boots, skis or snowshoes; such as Dog Mountain, Diez Vistas and Mount Seymour.

What I find most amazing about Vancouver is living in an urban environment but still having amazing backcountry wilderness on our doorstep. All of these 10 hikes are within 1-2 hours driving distance from the city of Vancouver and they can be completed in a single day. As you can see for yourself in the photos below, all of these 10 hikes offer exceptional views.

1. Dog Mountain

A surreal view of Vancouver’s natural harbour and the distant peaks of Vancouver Island as the sun sets.

The Dog Mountain bluffs offer the best-hike-to-view ratio in the Lower Mainland. I try to do this hike at least once a month since it is a quick 25 minutes drive from downtown and it only takes about 1 or 2 hours to complete. Plus, it is an easy hike in the snow.

The trailhead begins just past the Bear’s Paw lodge at the far end of the Mount Seymour parking lot. In the summer, the Dog Mountain bluffs and the other ridgelines higher up in Mount Seymour Provincial Park are an excellent place to watch meteor showers and observe the northern lights. While you can’t camp on the Dog Mountain bluffs, there are many backcountry camping spots in the park where you can camp with a view of the sparkling lights of Vancouver from your campsite.

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